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MyZone has announced a fitness tracker for your chest, arm and wrist MZ-Switch, the company says: it is the first device in the world that monitors PPG (photosynthesis chart) and ECG (electrocardiogram) readings to monitor activity more accurately with fewer blind spots.

The key point here is how the accuracy of wrist-based heart rate monitors (i.e. most wearables) can be affected when holding an object, affecting blood flow in a way that is not related to your effort.

MyZone says: the wrist-based MZ-Switch should remain 95 percent accurate for any activity that is not restricted by repetitive movements, such as swimming, and typical activities, such as: running and high-intensity stretching.

Tracking technology

Tracking technology is standard, using an optical flow sensor that illuminates an LED light in the skin to measure the movement of blood in the arm.

This flow matches the heartbeat that pumps blood throughout the body to determine the user's heart rate.

For exercises that involve heavy wrist movements, such as weight lifting or rowing, the MZ-Switch can be connected to your forearm.

The forearm monitor uses an optical blood flow sensor (as when wearing the device on the wrist).

The chest still provides the most certainty, with 99.4 percent ECG accuracy and more responsive heart rate monitoring.

The device has built-in memory for 36 hours to track workouts away from your phone or networks gym it can be connected with Android ™ Wear and Strava and Garmin and MapMyRun, Apple Health.

The MZ-Switch 

The MZ-Switch is a separate fitness terminal from the wearables you might use to track your workouts.

The company plans to target the new tracking device through corporate health and education programs, along with large gym chains.

According to the CEO of MyZone, the MZ-Switch aims to broaden the appeal of the company's high-resolution fitness tracking, and is simplified enough to understand it for non-athletes.

Given that it only tracks (no screen), battery life is unlikely to be a concern.

MyZone estimates that you get 140 hours of battery life with a single charge if used for chest-based tracking, while it should last for 35 hours while used across the wrist or forearm (using PPG technology).

The MZ-Switch is available for purchase directly from MyZone starting today at  160$

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