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Apple is working with TSMC to manufacture micro OLED displays for upcoming AR glasses

 Apple has entered into a partnership agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.(TSMC) to develop ultra-advanced micro OLED displays at a secret facility in Taiwan, according to Nikkei. Small OLED displays will be used in (upcoming augmented reality devices).

Micro OLED screens are developed directly on the chips instead of the glass substrate, resulting in thinner, smaller and less energy-consuming screens. These smaller, slimmer OLED displays are ideal for smaller devices such as the smart glasses that Apple is rumored to be working on.

The development process of small OLED screens is in the stage of pilot production

Rumor has it that the development of small OLED screens is in beta production, and it could be several years before Apple and TSMC are ready to start large production, making these screens suitable for Apple Glasses that are expected to be launched sometime in the year 2023. The screens are said to be less than an inch in size, and this is where Apple will need TSMC expertise.

Apple is actually working with TSMC on various A-series chips used in the iPhone and iPad and the new Apple M1 silicon chips used in the Apple Mac lineup. A source familiar with the Micro OLED R&D project said that board players are good at making screens bigger and bigger, but when it comes to slim and light devices like augmented reality glasses, you need a very small screen. (With TSMC to develop the technology the chipmaker's expertise makes things very small and good, while Apple also benefits from the expertise of the team's experts in display technologies.)

While working on small OLED displays in Taiwan factories, Apple is also developing microLED technology, with pilot production lines for both display types. According to a June 2020 report, Apple has invested دولار 330 million in a Taiwanese factory to develop microLED screens for Apple Watch, iPads and MacBooks in collaboration with supplier Epistar.

Apple actually works with TSMC

MicroLED is a new technology separate from micro OLED, and uses smaller components than those used in traditional LED lighting. These screens do not require backlighting units so they can be thinner, in addition they offer high color contrast and can be used to make folding or curved screens.

According to Nikkei, Apple has a collection of unmarked white laboratory buildings in Taiwan's Longtan Science Park that focus on new display technologies, with a location within walking distance of the TSMC chip packaging and testing plant. Apple has hired its best engineers from AU Optoelectronics for displays to work on micro OLED, and employees are subject to strict nondisclosure agreements that prevent them.