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How to organize you mobile phone

About Android system:

The Android operating system is one of the most common mobile operating systems compared to all other operating systems, and customization is important for users of smartphones that operate this system as it is characterized by being open source, and with a little superficial knowledge of the way to control applications and settings any user will be able to make his phone unique in And therefore if you are tired of the traditional format of the icons of applications installed in the phone and looking for a way to change these icons to another alternative with an attractive appearance.

we in this explanation will share with you a new application that helps you to do it all easily, Of course some may think that the icons of phone gallery, therefore You will be able to get a custom icon for each app installed on the phone and create your own icons in a simple way .

The idea of the application X Icon Changer is very simple, allows creating your own icons to be used in installed applications through the images in your gallery, and the application gives you the possibility to change the original application icon so that you have a different icon that helps to recognize the application in a simpler way in the phone.

After selecting the application, an interface with a number of icons that can be assigned to your application icon will be displayed in the library section.

Or you can go to the section of your photos to select your personal photos to set as an app icon , and in the same section you can select how to upload the photo by taking it with the camera or uploading it through the gallery .

After choose the image that you will use the icon for the application, then the option will appear a story appropriately and click OK, and will be added new app icon to your phone screen.