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7 of the best vpn programs of 2021

List and explanation of the best free and paid vpn programs for PC and mobile 2021

Before we begin to explain the six best vpn programs on our list for today, we must first explain in a simplified way what vpn programs are and their importance.

vpn is an abbreviation for the word Virtual Private Network in English, and in Arabic means virtual private network, and as the name suggests it is a virtual networks that do not exist on the ground, mainly because they are used with the aim of securing the highest degrees of privacy, security and confidentiality and are used from ordinary users to the largest international companies, these virtual networks are the same as the world wide web, but with stronger encryption of data, which prevents
Recently, many companies around the world offer many programs for VPN services, which are of course all paid programs due to the cost of the servers used, but there are many programs that provide a limited free version of these programs similar to Hotspot Shield, which has become known to a large degree in the Arab countries.

The VPN software that we have selected for you restricts the user to many limited free copies, or may not support free copies, but this is better considering that most other VPN programs steal your data and sell it in order to save money, and this is completely contrary to the purpose of using VPNs, so we strongly recommend using or buying any Since most VPN programs currently have a monthly subscription of less than $10, free versions have to be very limited or ad-free, yet on our list today are many useful and unlimited programs and no costs.


Tunnelbear is a program from a Canadian company, very suitable for fans of using VPN software but it does not allow P2P, the prices of paid services are similar to the prices of the rest of the programs mentioned here, and through the use of the program seems to specialize mainly in unblocking blocked sites but provides some.

For free services, Tunnelbear provides 500 MB of free download space only for free accounts, but this space can be easily raised to 1.5 GB by subscribing to the program's Twitter page, generally this is an excellent company whether you want a free or paid service.

As for the method of downloading it is simple, immediately after you download the exe file on your device, it is enough to access this file and then continue to track the data while specifying where the program is installed inside the device, and you will be asked to fill in some information such as e-mail and Twitter account, make sure

Features :
  • - Incredibly easy to use, it's enough just to press the on or off button to manage the program
  • - Service stop problems don't happen much in the free version
  • - Very high and stable performance with all Windows versions
  • - Very clear usage method and easy settings for any regular user
Disadvantages :
  • - Limited number of countries to choose from
  • - No p2p feature
  • - Limited loading space


Surfeasy is a wonderful Canadian company recently acquired by the famous opera company, which is concerned with providing security and maintaining the privacy of users, unfortunately the free version of the Windows system of the program is no longer available, but it can be tried for 7 days for free, but this also requires registration with a bank card or PayPal account, generally

You may find a problem accessing the site of this service in some Arab countries such as Morocco, Algeria or some other countries, or because of some service providers that block it, so if you want to buy this program or try it you can use any other vpn program in order to access the sites and unblock it.

The installation of the program is very normal, you will not have any problem with it, you just have to open the exe file and then continue to track the installation steps with the location of the installation, you also have to register a new account on the site before downloading, and this requires entering the data of the bank card or
If you're looking for something really different, this company also offers a private browser USB flash that can be purchased from Amazon for 7 70, and is enough to fit into the device for absolute security and Privacy.

Features :
  • - Very high speed
  • - Easy to use
  • - Supports mobile devices
Disadvantages :
  • - Not free
  • - Does not support p2p


CyberGhost is a large Romanian company that combines its advantages and full experience in a powerful vpn program that provides two versions, one free and the other paid, the protection system in this program is excellent and allows the possibility of deleting your payment data immediately after its termination whether it is bank cards or other, it also provides some special protection technologies

While the paid version offers all these premium features, the free version of CyberGhost is limited in several features such as speed, duration of use and advertising.

What I personally didn't like about CyberGhost is the interface that we can't say is bad but it's a bit opaque and takes time to understand it well, and the free version may never be usable when the pressure on the servers is so high, you'll be taken out of service for a certain period of time.

HotSpot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the best vpn program that provides a free version, mainly focuses on protecting your system and keeping you in full security while using the web and internet connection, for this it provides many wonderful free services, also provides windows and Android application is the most famous on Google Play, and supports all other well-known platforms.

The only limits that you may find after downloading the free version of Hotspot Shield is that you can only connect to an American IP, and access to Netflix and Hulu sites is also not available, so if you want to use these two sites you do not have to use the free version of this program, except for these flaws it is the best free vpn program

The installation file of HotSpot Shield is more than easy, you just have to press the install button and the Download Manager will take care of everything else, as it is very easy to use, all you have to press the icon of the program in the bottom bar, if it is colored in green you are connected to the vpn network but if you are
Features :
  • - Software provides the best free vpn version
  • - Very easy to use
  • - Low price for paid version and of course free version available
  • - Restrictions on the free version are not as many as the rest of the programs
Disadvantages :
  • - Free version only provides us IP connection
  • - Ads in the free version


Vpngate application is a free program developed by Tsukuba University in Japan, and of course uses its servers, is in fact a VPN system based on SoftEther software, which means that it is a completely open source program that can be found on the source code that you are interested in developing a similar program, provides many features including many daily updates.

But unfortunately, despite all these advantages but this is not the best vpn program currently, firstly there is no support for P2P feature in the program, and the connection records remain saved for 3 months in each server program, in addition to all this, because the program is run by volunteers and not for profit, the connection speed is not trustworthy .
Using the program is not easy in fact, you first need to download SoftEther, fortunately the download link we provide in the program Download Center has SoftEther and VPNGate tool, it is enough to unzip the file using WinRAR or similar program and then install the program from a file .msi.
Without forgetting that this software is only available for Windows, so users of other systems or mobile users do not benefit from this free software.

Features :
  • - Fully open source software
  • - It is constantly being developed
  • - Daily updates to the IP list
Disadvantages :
  • - Keeps contact records for a long time
  • - Does not support P2P
  • - Poor speed.

Tor Project

In fact this is not a vpn program like the rest of the other programs, but it is designed in order to provide complete protection while using the internet and completely hide your identity, but we do not mean here Tor company and used by hacker, this free open source program enables its user to connect to the internet anonymously by sharing identities between other Tor users, also provides you'll be using it from another Tor user. there's no way. This is also useful to avoid tracking your activities by any third party.

The only drawback of this program is that it is not fast at all, because the files or pages you upload pass through the computers of many other users, the loading of these pages or files is heavier than the normal loading, and the developers of the Tor network prompt you after using the P2P file sharing service.

Through our Tor browser experience, which can be downloaded from the link below, this browser gives you a different ip number when you download any Web page, where you can confirm this by accessing any site to specify the IP number and the experience of accessing it twice in a row.

Features :
  • - Highest level of security and confidentiality
  • - Easy to install and use
Disadvantages :
  • - Technically, this isn't a vpn.
  • - Slow connection speed
  • - Does not support P2P