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Top 10 alternatives to WhatsApp


Top 10 alternatives to WhatsApp:

Would you like to use WhatsApp, well already it is the most used Program at the moment, but did you know that you have to pay $0.99 to buy it in iTunes, and its annual cost is $0.99 for Android and Windows Phone, already this price is nothing but many find a problem with complex payment methods like Visa.If you are one of these, don't worry, we offer you in this article the 10 best alternatives for WhatsApp, most of which are known and some of which you will discover for the first time


Viber is a free program similar to WhatsApp and some consider it better than it, as it also uses the phone numbers in your device as an identification address without registration or account or something like that, you can register your phone number via a text message sent to you to confirm it, immediately access the list of phone numbers and identify the numbers.


Line is a free program that records your phone number in a database of very large phone numbers, where you can call other phone numbers that are in that base, one of the features of the program big line the possibility of answering messages from the computer as well as through the Windows version or Mac, you can call other numbers via the internet.

KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger uses your phone number to send a 4-digit message is a code to confirm your phone number, the same method used in WhatsApp, after confirmation the phone numbers on your device are checked to find other users of KakaoTalk Messenger, you can talk through groups, send videos and photos, and you can contact other users via the internet 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the best chat and communication programs with friends at the moment, and it is considered a very suitable alternative to WhatsApp especially as it belongs to the same company, through which you can chat and communicate voice and image with your friends on Facebook only, the only drawback is that you can not chat with those who do not


Skype now integrates Skype knowledge and program my MSN and Hotmail old hand accounts, Skype is a great way too to chat and voice calls as well as SMS, from you that includes a computer and phone with the same specs in both.


Tango is a chat program that spread quickly thanks to its high capabilities, it is more than a normal chat application where you can group and individual chat using SMS, photos, videos and voice calls across various platforms, in addition to the availability of a number of games and Multimedia within the application.

BlackBerry7. Groupme

Groupme is intended for those who want to group chat, you must first log in via email and then you must confirm your phone number via an SMS message to you, the coolest thing in the program the possibility to follow the group chat via SMS messages in the absence of internet

Kik Messenger

Kik program is registered via email and then choose a user name, others will find you in your name only, the application is very easy and very practical in sending and receiving messages between two people or a group and it does not support calls.


ChatON is a program made by Samsung, does not support voice calls, the program supports a range of non-Android systems, you can register via your Samsung account or enter your name only, although it is widespread in all Samsung devices, but the application does not meet great demand because of its limited capabilities.


WeChat is a chat program messaging is most prevalent in China, delivery method in which quite similar to Watson father, in the beginning you have to enter your phone number, you will then receive a confirmation message you have entered, you can then enter your Facebook account or your email to make finding them easier, you can share photos, places and group chat video.