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Top 10 Mobile Protection Programs

What would you do if you lost your mobile phone, or worse, if it was stolen, for example? Will you know where to start looking at it, and what about all that personal data you keep in your phone? So what can we do to reduce these problems, we can start by downloading after Protection and security programs to ensure the security of the phone and the ability to save information and retrieve it by locating it, for example, there are a lot of free and paid applications we can start by reviewing the top 10 tools to protect smartphones.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is an application that allows you to protect your ios or Android smartphone around the clock from threats transmitted through media such as public Wi-Fi networks, malicious apps and fraud tools, you can use it to save backup copies of your device and locate it in case it is lost.

In case your phone is lost the program will locate it on Google Maps even if the GPS system is not switched on, and you can control and make the phone ring any time you want. If you want more tools such as Safe Browsing and Privacy Check, you can buy a more professional version for about 3 months or 30$ years

Snap Secure Mobile Security

Snap Secure enables you to recover your data from your phone to your electronic account, restore it to your account at the site of the application or to any other device, the program is equipped with anti-virus and anti-spyware, and will scan all installed applications to search for malicious applications.
You can also stop unwanted messages, calls and emails, it supports BlackBerry, Android and iPhone systems you can also know which apps are using your personal data, you can buy a professional version for $ 3 per month and $ 17 per year.

BullGuard Mobile Security

BullGuard Mobile is one of the most popular mobile protection programs, you can register an account to enter through the official website of the program and determine the location of your smart device, and you can empty it completely of data in case of loss.

BullGuard Mobile also provides a tool to protect your young children if they use a smartphone, it is equipped with anti-virus, anti-spy and special firewall, as well as the tool to export and import phone numbers and protect the Sim card memory card. The software is available for Android, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, and blackberry for about $ 30 per year.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android

Bitdefender Antivirus is a program suitable for devices with family use, equipped with an effective tool to protect the phone, it can also use the GPS in your device to give you reports on its whereabouts, it also has an alarm that can be turned on even in the case of the device in silent State, in case you lose the device you can protect

Bitdefender Antivirus features a unique feature that may not be present in many other well-known competition programs and is the Autopilot tool that enables the program to automatically protect your device without disturbing you.

McAfee WaveSecure McAfee

The big security company has also designed software for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Windows phone, and Java and it carries all the features found in the rest of the mentioned software such as remote control, data recovery, SIM card protection and export and import of phone numbers, photos and videos.

McAfee WaveSecure also enables you to track the whereabouts and mobility of your phone holder in a high-resolution map even in the event of a GPS shutdown, and is available at $19.99 per year.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security offers a lot of features, but it targets users of Symbian and Windows mobile where there is less competition and offers them greater capabilities, among its features : anti-theft, powerful antivirus, anti-spam, Privacy Protection, data encryption, and a dedicated firewall.

Kaspersky Mobile Security of course is equipped with a very sophisticated device locator, but it is not free, generally you can try it for a week for free in a special offer from the official website.

Norton Mobile Security Lite

Norton Mobile is a mobile protection software from the well-known company Notron, you can use your device comfortably and securely by protecting it from useless uses, viruses, malware, fraud and theft tools, in case of loss of your device you can locate it and close access to it manually.

In addition to this, when browsing the internet you can hide your privacy and identity very beautifully, all installed programs will be checked for viruses, and it is equipped with a tool to block messages and calls, which is free for a whole month after which it can be purchased at the price of 17.99 $/ year

Avast! Mobile Security

I'm sick of paid programs, the mechanics of Avast protection program, the famous most widespread in the world for all systems, offering a wide range of advantages that you can find in the rest of the programs paid and free and more. Avast! Mobile Security provides a real-time protection tool, privacy protection tool, a tool to protect against the dangers of websites, in case your device is stolen you can do anything you can imagine except retrieve phone numbers, and you can locate it via a dedicated website.

Among the wonderful anti-theft tools found in Avast is a tool that hides the Avast logo completely from the device so that it does not appear to the thief as the program continues to operate, a tool that surpasses all its competitors

AVG for Android

Another powerful and widespread free program, AVG is one of the first programs dedicated to protection and antivirus that appeared in Android and other smartphone systems, and is equipped with systems to protect the device from viruses, malware, etc.

AVG is also one of the first programs that appeared in the field of anti-theft protection and locate it, you can locate it at any time using your account on the official website of the application