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5 new additions that will completely change the way you use facebook

About Google Chrome :

Google Chrome browser is one of the internet browsers that are hardly devoid of modern computers and smart devices , and is one of the famous browsers used by millions of users for the many features that are characterized by such as speed in loading pages and simple design and strength in performance and also the safe experience that is known, in addition it provides users with many Install in the browser with the click of a button from the user, and we have already shared with you in previous topics on the blog some distinctive additions that can be used such as extensions to open blocked sites on the browser as well as security extensions on Google Chrome and others, and if you use Facebook platform for the workshop frequently and want to smart phones powered by a system Android and IOS for iPhone, however, when tested it turns out that it does not work properly as it was developed only for the operating systems we mentioned earlier for full use of all the features that come with it.

       1. Facebook zoom photos :

Facebook does not include the option to enlarge photos in case their quality is poor, using the service of this extension you can enlarge any image you encounter while browsing the platform if you are using the Google Chrome browser, and as the name suggests, the only thing that this extension does is to enlarge photos in Facebook by adding the option" magnifying glass " default ".

       2. Video Downloader Pro:

If you're having trouble downloading video platform Facebook through web pages outside of a social network, it may be that the extension is very useful, where you can download videos not only from Facebook but also from any web site on the internet .

Once you watch a video on Facebook, the extension will show you a small icon at the top right of the screen , by clicking on this icon you will be able to download the video you are watching in different resolution depending on the resolution and format you choose, and although this extension allows to download videos from almost any website, we recommend.

        3.Save To Facebook :

This is the only extension officially developed by Facebook for the Google Chrome web browser, so you won't have any problems when installing and using it, and the purpose of the extension as the name suggests is to allow any user to save Facebook posts so that they can be viewed later .

Thanks to this extension, you will no longer have to save videos, photos or posts using the tools provided by the social network, since by simply scrolling over the post and clicking on the extension icon, you will be able to store this content in a new tab, and it should be noted that you can save the posts you want infinitely, in addition.

         4. App For Facebook:

It is very common to get used to the interface that Facebook comes with in its mobile version, because in fact it is much better than the one that we can see on the computer version, and by downloading this extension to your Google Chrome browser you will be able to browse Facebook in a small window inside your browser, in short this will allow you..

It is worth noting that you will not lose any functionality when using this extension, as all the functions of the social network have been adapted and designed to add, and it is worth noting that there are times when this extension works unstable, so in such cases it is necessary to restart your browser anew to be able to surf the social network.

           5. Delete All Messages For Facebook :

The step of manually deleting messages from Facebook Messenger conversations may seem really tiring, and using this new extension you will no longer have to waste time in deleting messages you send or receive through the messaging application on Facebook, where through it you can delete messages at once with just one click, and to do that you will install the extension first on your Chrome browser.

It is important to note that this extension does not save your information in any place and for this it is very safe to use, and remember that when you delete messages through the stretch, won't be able to recover it again because the addition does not offer any type of services to restore messages Messenger deleted .