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What is the meaning of the Volte sign that appeared on your phone with a 4G connection?


The Volte sign that appeared on your phone with a 4G 

Recently The Volte tag appeared on your phone above next to the grid tag, and this led you to wonder what's going on? You go to social media sites wondering what this sign means and is there damage to your device? So in this article we will explain to you what this sign means and what is the technique of VoLTE, what is its usefulness? This article will be to get to know the technology fully and we will put you benefit as a user also in this article and continue reading.

What does Volte mean?

Voice over LTE this is the shortcut this technique relies on a 4G network to make phone calls, so your call across the networks of the fourth generation, will kill me but I use the fourth generation since I released in Egypt, what's so special about this water? 

The answer is that you used the fourth generation in the internet only, do not use it in calls permanently, this feature makes you use it in calls as well, as we said is short for voice over LTE, that is, this feature gives you the possibility to transfer your voice over networks of the fourth generation LTE, this means better clarity in the Times of the 3G signal.

Why it shown now ? 

Egypt started recently due to poor quality of calls improved in the support of calls on the four communication networks and the two most developed companies are Etisalat and Vodafone provided the service of calls through the fourth generation of networks Volte and the service was concentrated in some areas of Cairo only for a long time, but since the beginning of 2021 began to expand the coverage of this service.

What did I benefit from Volte?

Benefit better calls and improvement in network coverage in your area, where to work this technology must solve all the problems of coverage first, then you will benefit from having high quality calls 3 times better than the previous, and because of its dependence on 4G coverage, which as we said must be good before activating the technology will save the life of your battery.

Take advantage of Volte in points

  • Better network coverage
  • This results in a saving in battery life because the phone will not search for stronger frequencies for a strong network
  • This results in a better and more stable 4G internet speed than using a network or poor coverage
  • Support calls using 4G networks, which means sound louder, clearer and points
  • This results in less battery consumption because 4G calls require less power than 3G.