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Method of permanently deleting files from MFT to prevent their recovery


Method of permanently deleting files from MFT to prevent their recovery

You may want to permanently delete the files so that they are not restored through any escape recovery software and various file recovery programs that you can use to return the deleted files.

Of course this method you will want to use when you sell an old hard drive or sell any old memory you own and of course you do not want the new buyer to be able to access your photos and private information stored on the hard drive and of course this method works with laptops as well.

What is MFT ?

This word is an abbreviation for Master File Table which is an NTFS file archiving system for hard drives and is more like a book to record movements and files and archive them for all your hard drive.

This book includes all the different information such as size, time, permits and of course the contents of the files themselves are within it and as long as the files you deleted are available through the MFT table it can be restored very easily with any easy recovery program.

So the trick here is that you delete the files from the MFT registry so that you can not return them easily and for this we will use third-party software that we will nominate for you .

Cyrobo to help delete files 

This program offers a very easy and simple interface to be able to permanently delete and remove files from MFT tables easily and without much complexity.

At first, the program will ask you when you first run it to select the disk on which you want to permanently delete files.
In the next screen the program will ask you to choose the way to delete the data and fill the tables MFT the program will rely on trying to fill the tables with unimportant and useless data so you can hide your files and delete them permanently, of course you can choose from within the program if you want to fill the tables with spaces.

Of course, the paid version provides you with more possibilities and more security to protect your important files and is recommended for use in sensitive corporate and business devices .