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4 ways to protect your Google account from theft


4 ways to protect your Google account from theft

Would you like to protect your Google account from theft easily? Don't worry, you've come to the right place, today we will offer you four ways very practical and very easy to improve your Google account from theft.

Unfortunately, even if you want to stop using your Google account, you will not be able to because many, many of the services you use daily depend on your Google account, the simplest of which is YouTube, so instead of trying to leave your Google account completely, it is better to try to protect your Google account and take the appropriate steps.

Protect your Google account :

These steps will help you protect your Google account and minimize Google interference in your personal life and data so try to follow these steps as much as possible .
  • Close tracking location 
I'm one of those people who don't want to track the location of their continuously from Google which is annoying to find third-party software know your place and be able to track you at all times and all places, that is why it is best that you close location tracking from within your Google account.

Of course, if you're using Google Maps, you might consider not shutting down location tracking services because some of the software services won't work well.

Of course this makes sense from Google to do this because the company wants to force you to activate location tracking services.
  • To close location tracking services, follow these steps :
  • Access your Google account from
  • Click on Data And Personalization like the image below

  • Click Location History under Activity Control like the image below.

  • Move the slider to change this selection.

  • Confirm your choice by clicking on the word Pause below.

To disable Web & App Activity :

This choice prevents Google from saving your internet browsing data and behavior while you are browsing the internet and this privacy breach within Google, of course if you do not close this choice you will find that Google will save all your internet browsing data and the sites you prefer to access on a private server.

Activate two-step confirmation :;

Using 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication is the best way to close your Google account for extremists and prevent them from searching your private data and logging into your account without your permission
  • Press 2-Step Verification
  • Now press Get Started 
Now enter your mobile number and choose the confirmation method you want, whether it's an SMS or a phone call .
Enter the code that will arrive on your phone and the phone number you entered, then press Turn on .

Change backup mail and phone number to increase Google Account Protection

Always make sure you access your backup return mail and your mobile number and use it periodically and make sure you change it if you move to new accounts or phone numbers .

It is important to ensure the protection of your Google account on a regular basis so don't be surprised to steal the account or steal data related to the sudden surprise of losing user data is an important concern, especially if it's your account, a work account.