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What does WDS mean in the router and what does it matter to you?


What does WDS mean in the router and what does it matter to you?

In routers generally there are so-called WDS, which is short for wireless distribution system, and this thing exists because of the ability of any router to operate in two states, the normal state of the router, and the Access point State, this is normal in many routers, but the idea is what does this Wireless distribution system mean? This article to explain the WDS and what it means and what its importance, if you are interested, continue reading.

What does WDS mean

In short for wireless distribution system, this is a system that allows access point wireless connectivity on IEEE 802.11 networks, this system allows the network itself to expand beyond its normal range using Access point, specifically more than one of course, and without the need for a wired connection to connect all the distributed connection points of the network, that is, it allows the expansion of your Wi-Fi network, without...

The advantage of using WDS on conventional or wired connections is that it saves the MAC Address and synchronizes it between all the connection points of the network, if you are connected on point 1 you will find Point 2 you know that you are connected to it and therefore when you connect to it also will not face any problems in registering your device on it,

WDs benefit to you

The benefit of this system is to expand your Wi-Fi coverage to a larger range than normal for the router, so that if you have a large area you want to cover the internet and your Wi-Fi network, using WDS will help you adjust a range of access points without the need for complex and many wired connections.

How do I know if the router support's WDS:

The router manufacturer will write whether the router supports this or not and how you will be able to exploit this system on the router once, most of the routers from famous companies like DLink and TP-Link support this system already just open their user manual to determine the router support for WDS system or not, and find out how to exploit this system.