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Top 4 internet consumption monitoring programs


Top 4 internet consumption monitoring programs:

In fact, monitoring internet consumption is not a luxury or an order to keep your Qouta from the internet, but it is a very important step to make sure that you are highly protected and not vulnerable to theft or data breach.

There may be a program on your computer that consumes the internet more than usual and it consumes a lot of your internet package and affects the network in general so you should monitor the internet consumption continuously.
Today we will offer you the most important internet consumption monitoring software to know if your Network is hacked or not.

GlassWire software :

This program is considered the undisputed best in the field of monitoring internet consumption, this program offers you an accurate analysis of the network attached to the sites accessed and consumption of each computer located on your own home network in addition to the possibility to display graphs of this consumption in a clear and very easy way.
The program also offers you a very excellent FireWall to protect your files and network from external hacks.

NetBalancer software :

The main idea which distinguishes this program from other programs is that it allows you to monitor your internet connection in full in addition to the possibility to set limits and define the internet connection or to each device connected to the network.

For example, let's say that your little boy has a mobile phone connected to the internet, you can connect the internet consumption of this phone for example at 5 GB or 10 GB and so on.

The program also displays detailed reports on different internet connections at different times and you can control your network with ease.

Bandwith Monitor software :

This program provides a useful set of distinctive reports on internet consumption and real internet speed rather than the imaginary speed that appears in Internet speed measurement sites.

You can think of this program as a program to measure the speed of the internet more than the network, as it displays the internet consumption of the device installed on it in the day, week, month and year and the total consumption of the hour of installing the program on the device.

net guard software

What distinguishes this program is that it displays the consumption of every process and every program on your computer to know which programs or processes consume a lot of your package and to be able to stop them or solve the problem that makes these programs consume a lot of your Network range.

The software displays all consumption data in a very easy and clear way.