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Best laptops for montage 2021

When you search for the best laptops for montages you will find many options that are OK, and many other excellent options because of the large market of laptops around the world and the participation of many companies in the development and issuance of different devices in this market, which makes there are wide options more than the market of phones, for example,

MacBook Pro 2019/2020

I'm talking to You, Final Cut Pro user here, if you are using Final Cut pro no other device is better than MacBook pro, especially version 2020 and I'm talking here about the version of Apple M1 that is released with this new chip that gives you the best possible performance of the Mac and its system, to make it one of the with high efficiency on the 2019 edition of devices, think carefully about MacBook devices

Dell XPS 15 2020

XPS devices are highly distinctive devices especially in montage, photo editing and other things that require two of the most important points: screen and performance, in terms of performance it is not to be outdone by Intel Core H-class processors and GeForce GTX screen cards, the screen itself is good and XPS 15 2020 is an example of this with a screen covering 132% of for the montage, think about it.

Dell G 5 15 SE 

The Dell G5 is basically a device aimed at gaming fans especially, but games need to perform and the montage needs to perform so let's use the gaming laptop, and frankly G5 laptop for the montage really, with Ryzen 7 4800h processor and AMD Radeon RX 5600m graphics processor very good, but the most notable thing about the Montage is the screen.

Alienware Area-51

Best laptops for montage 2020  If you want to lose your back and carry something that can break it, go to this device, its weight is close to 4 kg, which is a high weight compared to the laptop, but it is a device that carries performance as Number 1, RTX cards and processors of the tenth generation, Alienware devices whatever they always achieve the desired, and since it is.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Lightweight, touch screen, is removed from the keyboard, supports the use of a smart pen, this device is excellent in terms of easy access to the possibility of video montage, which is good performance also with processors of the eighth generation and GTX1060 screen card this device can support you for a while is not simple, but not forever of course the eleventh generation.

Best laptops for editing in general

In every case in this category you will look for devices with very high performance you will look for processors from Intel Class H for example or if there are processors Ryzen, then look for an excellent graphics card and here I am talking about GeForce GTX because of its ability to run the most powerful editing software easily, no disadvantage on Radeon high cards Then you will look for the screen, the screen does not have to be OLED IPS screens in laptops are excellent but do not go to TN, for example, and look for the perfect color range, by a large percentage all the montage devices you will look for will be limited to families such as Prestige from MSI, Dell XPS or MacBooks.