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What is Pi Network, and is it safe?


What is Pi Network, and is it safe?

Pi Network. You must have heard of something like that one day. Surely I've heard if you've been browsing Facebook at least in the past period, you'll find one or two or twenty posts about this app. Or one of your friends tells you about this application and tells you that it is a rich opportunity and will own a lot and a lot of money when you get it. And this is an easy-to-obtain electronic process and a lot of beautiful seductive speech. But let's ask ourselves an important question. What is this currency?. And is it worth the risk ?
 This article we will talk about it a little.

 Pi Network Currency

Cryptocurrency appeared on March 14, 2019. No one and did not interfere by one, and never heard from anyone and I doubt an absolute work himself he knew nothing about them. But suddenly this coin has resurfaced and we are in 2020. 
It's like a cryptocurrency and it's the next bitcoin. And that by using your own code you can send invitations to other users and you get a profit like them and when they get a profit plus you also get a percentage and something like network marketing. And the most bizarre sentence. The currency is based on network mining.


What is mining? Man extracts gold and silver through something called mining. And it's mining these minerals. There are also Bitcoin mining operations on computers, which is a process that requires massive hardware of enormous specifications. And giant screen cards. Imagine having a 10-card RTX 2080Ti. This is a mining device. This process solves mathematical algorithms. And analyze it until you reach enough points to get with you of this currency. But this process destroys very powerful devices. Is not an easy process.

Digital currency without counting?

It's not possible to get a cryptocurrency without mining. The impossible may be possible if you want to compare something impossible may be possible about this. So What does the Pi Network do ?. It's mining and consuming your device and pulling out its resources dramatically. Not safe on your device and if you use a weak, you will feel the difference.And how the performance of your device has gotten worse. And after a short period of time you will tell your device the same. That's if the purpose is actually mining.

Pi Network scam?

The Pi Coin and the Pi Network app have something suspicious. She appears to be very good. But Too Good to Be true. Too good to be true. That's the truth. The app asks for Strange information. You are asked your phone number to register. Linking to a facebook account. And if you try to offer the permissions required by the application on the store you find it asks you all your contact data and your contacts. What's more, when you disassemble your APK, the currency counter increases every minute at a very simple rate. So even when you're not counting, the machine is counting ? 
A little weird.

Powers required by the application

  • Access your contacts
  • Access the network information you are connected to.
  • Access and edit your files and photos from storage and USB memory
  • Prevent device from closing
  • Download data from the internet
  • Validity of drawing over apps " used by facebook messenger in floating conversation window view”
  • Get full device information

The problem

Pi Network application requests many strange and suspicious powers. The third power is to access and modify your files from storage and USB. What is the use of this validity for a mining application ?. Penultimate validity drawing above applications. This is a misfortune. Because it can get a whole lot of information from your phone the simplest is your whole account information. Let's because if the application can draw over other apps, that means you and you're using your phone there is a layer in front of your particular application. Below it is the same phone you are dealing with.

Validity of drawing over applications

You use the facebook messenger app and you use the chat Heads feature. So where to apply conversations on the screen?. Is he only in the chat Head area?. No, it's a layer on top of apps and everything you use. This is the idea of drawing over apps. Every application with this power can easily create a layer on top of your phone. This way you can read everything on the screen. Even your bank account information itself.

Conclusion. What is Pi network ?

Pi Network is something I can't say that it's a good thing. I can't say is it's not a digital currency. Cryptocurrency is not based on Blockchain cryptographic algorithms. Not safe. All I see is a strange and suspicious network marketing attempt. With dubious powers. So I do not trust to download or rely on something like this application permanently.