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The 4 Best Wi-Fi boosters of 2021

We need to strengthen Wi-Fi in homes for more than one reason, the most important of which is the increase of home spaces at the moment and because you also need Wi-Fi to reach every corner of your home, perhaps this is because you need to connect smart devices that have increased a lot in recent years or because you just want.

Need big houses specifically to buy a saying Wi-Fi so you can connect Wi-Fi to all corners of the region that is with regret a general rule regardless of the quality of your internet Router whatever his power will be connected a bit weak and not force required.

So what are the best Wi-Fi boosters available to buy and use in 2021 ? All the devices that we will mention today are in various Arab e-stores and we will mention the prices of the Wi-Fi booster in 2021.

Xiaomi Wi-Fi booster :

Some may think that Xiaomi only donated mobile phones, but this is completely untrue, Xiaomi has a large collection of smart devices that work efficiently to turn a home into a smart home and most of them are accessories that we need on a daily basis in our lives.

Our first choice will be the Xiaomi Pro 300Mbps Wi-Fi booster which is one of the best devices in this field as it comes with a high build quality that makes you feel that the device is much more expensive than its price.

The device supports up to 64 devices connected to it so don't worry about the number of shakes that will connect to it in addition to the fact that it comes with 2 Antena to strengthen the network and signal, the maximum power of the network or the maximum speed of the network is 300 MB per second.

Using the device is very easy and you can manage your network through the Mi Wifi App which you can download from the Google Play Store in addition to the device does not need pre-characterization just connect it and run it directly.

TL - wa855re-Link Wi-Fi booster:

This device comes from the company TP Link, known for providing a lot of devices for networks, Wi-Fi connection and even Routers and switches suitable for various uses.

The device comes in white and is equipped with 2antena to strengthen the network, which is external devices that protrude from the device and comes with two lights to indicate the status and strength of the network.

The maximum speed of the device is 300 MB per second Plus comes with more than one protection method to secure your Network and protect it from intruders.

The strong point of TPLink devices is the Theter application that allows you to manage and control your Wi-Fi network and block certain sites or block certain devices as well if you wish.

TP Link TL - MR3020 network booster :

This device is slightly different from the devices we mentioned earlier, while all the devices we mentioned earlier come with a wall socket that plugs into the wall directly this device comes portable and equipped with an internal battery that enables you to enjoy and use the device with ease without having to plug it into the wall to be very suitable for

The device can receive the internet before being distributed wirelessly in more than one way either through the USB A port of the internet Flash or through a regular Ethernet cable.

The maximum speed of the device is 300 MB per second and the device can also work through a USB cable to which it is easily connected.
The device's Wi-Fi network is managed through TPLink's theter software.

TL-WA850RE WiFi Booster:

You must be sick of TP-Link devices, right ? In fact, Tplink offers the best devices for dealing with networks from my point of view and so I will find that I focus on them a lot in our conversation today.

This device comes without external Antena so it has a more elegant shape than other devices, and it also comes with a blue LED light in the interface of the device showing you the internet status and the operating status of the device, which is very convenient.

The device has a special mode called Range extender Mode that expands the Wi-Fi network in a way that has never been possible before for your devices, and supports Wi-Fi connection up to 300 MB per second.

This device can connect to your Wi-Fi network at home and you can connect it to a regular Ethernet cable as well if you wish.

Today, we presented you with a selection of the best Wi-Fi boosters for 2021 from our personal point of view and from our previous experiences with these devices.