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8 places at home where you never put an internet router


8 places at home where you never put an internet router

Thanks to WiFi WiFi our devices are freed from Ethernet connection cables. And most of us believe that where we put in a router has a clear effect on bandwidth. When switching the router from room to room or from corner to corner, we notice a change in the speed of the internet. The positive result may not appear while uploading and downloading files, but the effect may be tangible in Ping value and signal strength. 

This thus helps us to play games and surf the internet better, and it also helps to connect the signal to all smart home devices. Also remember that the presence of cables and wires of other electronic devices causes some electrical interference in the same area as the waves of the internet connection, which has an effect on speed.
 Therefore, in the end, do not place the internet router in any of these places at all.

Away from the kitchen

No matter why you might have to put the router in your kitchen, and no matter the risks of spilling sticky things or cooked food on the router, there are many negative risks to the router when you put it in the kitchen, metal objects, hot steam and the melting state of the oven burners are all factors that affect the Your kitchen may be a great spot to receive the internet without anywhere else in the house, but it's a serious risk that can damage the router, and in a large proportion it can cause the microwave jamming that the router is trying to send to all your devices, so it's best not to think about the kitchen at all costs.

Do not place the router on the edges of the windows

If you're putting it on a window ledge, it means you're giving up a portion of the bandwidth to signal it outside your home, and that's what makes your neighbors ... But regardless of their ability to steal the internet from you or the trouble and embarrassment you may experience as a result of someone asking to subscribe to your Network. But it's best to have the router inside your home and in the middle or center of a place, where all directions around it are empty of any other objects to send its signal waves throughout your home and all your devices in the best shape.

Tuning antennas

If you own an old router, then most likely you can modify the destination of its antennas. If you live inside a two-story house and leave the router upstairs while you live downstairs or go down to the first floor a lot with your phone or laptop, it's best to flip the antennas down. If it's the other way around, it's better to turn the antennas up. But if you live on the same floor, it is possible to leave the antenna on its sides.

Avoid frequent walls

It is normal that thick walls block the signal and prevent the router from passing communication waves from one room to another. In fact, the walls are able to connect to radio waves and block the full speed range allowed by the router for devices connected to the network. It is better to place the router in open places, such as the front room of the house or sitting room, this will allow to pass its signal to all neighboring rooms.

Leave it out in the open

Some of us deliberately leave the router in the closet or in a shelf attached to the ceiling of the wall or behind doors to protect it from sudden hiccups or manipulation by strangers. Unfortunately, this may reduce the signal it sends to all connected devices. The basic rule of any router is to be left in the open and always visible, while placing it in a blocked place weakens its signal.

Avoid electronic objects

Most electronic devices such as TV, radio, shower cables and other devices send waves that overlap with the same waves of wireless signal that a router sends to all connected devices. Wireless phones, baby monitors and all devices that transmit radio signals are common problems in poor internet connection range, as they compete with router signals within the same channel and may cause maximum allowable range to be reduced.

Don't put it on the floor.

More than once we have recommended you not to put the router on the floor, the floors have a terrible ability to connect the Wi-Fi signal easily. Therefore, it is best to place the router on one of the high shelves in the house, on a side cabinet or any place high off the floor.

Mirrors aquariums

Perhaps you are surprised to hear that mirrors and aquariums are a sworn enemy of the radio wave signal. Water blocks the Wi-Fi signal, mirrors block the Wi-Fi signal, this means that name tubs have a negative effect on where the router is next to them. While mirrors will serve as a reflection of the radio waves used in wireless internet transmission, they may have a negative impact on the stability of the internet or signal jamming and distortion. So it's best not to leave the router next to that stuff.