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How to make your phone respond on its own phone calls

How to make your phone respond on its own phone calls

There are many reasons why you need to feature auto answer phone calls. For example while driving a car or bike or because your hands are busy playing with a PlayStation shield or doing anything or even in the worst case because your hands are dirty. Regardless of the specific reason, you may need a feature that allows you to answer the call without clicking or pulling the answer button yourself, or even without holding the phone at all.

But you will be the one who answers the call, in the sense that this feature is not like answering machine, but your phone will open to the caller on its own instead of you, but you will be the one who will answer it and you will be able to talk to him even if you are away from the phone, thanks to the This feature is great in so many scenarios and you will definitely need it in so many situations. This feature is already available in the settings of some phones. If it's not supported by your phone, we have an app that helps you do the same without the slightest problem.

How to automatically answer calls from phone settings

Some phones already have an Auto-Answer feature, and if your phone supports this feature, head to Settings, then Apps, then System App Settings, and then connection settings. The location of the connection settings in your phone may vary, so, look for it until you find it. After that click "auto reply", then do auto reply.

You can delay the opening time of the call for 3 seconds or 6 seconds and up to 15 seconds before the phone opens the answer on its own. If you are busy and your hands are busy doing something, then you will need an instant auto-reply, meaning it is best to set it to just 3 seconds so that the phone opens immediately without the need to delay the caller.

How to automatically answer the phone with the help of an external application

If your phone doesn't support this feature, there's no problem. Download the MotoAnswer app on your Android phone. Unfortunately it does not support Arabic but it is very simple and uncomplicated. It allows you to automatically answer four calls a day. If you want to increase, you'll need to upgrade the paid version of the app. Now, head to the App Settings and then adjust it to the shape in the previous image.

The first option means that the phone will answer any call on its own. The second option will be to turn on the speaker automatically in order to be able to answer the caller and talk to him remotely. The third option if you want not to open on strange calls. The fourth option for unwanted numbers, which allows you to select specific numbers you don't want to answer automatically – if you want to not reply to more than one number, type after each phone number a comma",". And then don't forget to click Enable from the Home screen.
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