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Why do you need to think about iPhone when you want to buy a new phone ?


Why do you need to think about  iPhone when you want to buy a new phone ?

We all know this situation when buying a new phone: whichever you buy, Android phone or iPhone. While iPhones are always expensive and are aimed only at the wealthy and middle class as a maximum, but you are always able to buy a Used iPhone or buy an iPhone from past generations at a relatively affordable price and parallel to the same price as Android phones.

So, now you're between two choices not a third for them: Android or iOS? If you don't have previous experience of one of the two systems before, then we are entitled to recommend that you choose a system that didn't use it earlier, perhaps it may be that you discover that the best for you. But if you have previous experience of both, then you already know what your next phone is and you don't need a recommendation from anyone.

Protect your privacy :

Let's agree that the company's information security unanimously agree that Apple is better than Android in terms of security and Privacy. According to Forbes statistics from the past decade, more than 97% of viruses target Android, and in 2019 there were more than 25 million Android phones infected with viruses and malware either through apps from within or outside the Google Play Store, since Android allows the installation of external apps.

While the Google Play Store has twice as many apps as the Apple Store, Apple imposes strict rules and regulations on app developers before publishing them in its store. Unlike Google, Apple is careful to select app developers who have access to the so-called Apple Ecosystem, a three-party network of devices, developers and apps, and it is" practically.

While the Google Play Store is an open and free platform supported by ads, the store allows any developer to publish their applications, and Google also allows the consumer to install applications from external stores (via APK files) after obtaining their consent, so it is very difficult for Google to monitor applications that contain malware and viruses. them in a sensitive situation and under serious security threats, while iPhone phones are only manufactured by one side which is Apple, and updates to iPhone phones arrive early and for all supported models. So, the vulnerability of iPhone phones is very rare if not non-existent.

Apple Ecosystem

Today Apple offers a wide range of different products and technologies: laptops, tablets, smart watches, electronic devices and various products for various purposes and services. These devices all work smoothly in a typical ecosystem and effortlessly. You can login and registration on all devices account ID your Apple ID is only one, you can share photos, emails, notes, and calendars on all devices, plus you no longer need to pay twice for apps, movies and books.

This ecosystem in fact is what attracts people to buy more Apple products to work simultaneously. So I have seen some it's a trick of the trade from Apple but what they don't know that these are the properties of features provided by this Ecosystem which serves consumers superbly flexible.

Apple TV system environment also tightly closed to ensure the safety, security and privacy of the user. When the developer, application, system, manufacturer and user are all reunited within a single work environment, you get a secure system with the highest degree of protection and Privacy. This is very different in Android, as there are many manufacturers that produce different phones based on Android, and as such there is no guarantee of a closed or secure ecosystem for all devices to work smoothly.

Easy to use and handle system

IPhone phones are famous for its ease of use, even if you buy the latest model of iPhone, you will not have any problems finding the new settings, everything is in the same place unchanged, maybe a few updates flew over it, but you will not suffer from access to applications, the operating system is smooth, easy and simple as if you While in Android phones you can modify and customize most of the functions in many different ways. But the basic features of the operating system itself are complex and more confusing than iOS. If you are looking for a phone that is easy, simple and flexible to use, you will find no better than an iPhone.

Get new applications and updates first

All app developers are still more inclined to the App Store system and rely on rolling out their new apps or app updates there first, sometimes very long before the Google Play Store. In some cases, you may be surprised that there are some apps that don't believe at all on the Google Play Store. In addition, the App Store revenue model serves high-quality app developers better, ensuring that there are high-quality and unique apps on the App Store and not only service apps, but also games, so some games perform better on iPhone than Android.

Apple Pay

Apple's payment service allows you to make payments and debit your credit card using your iPhone. Payment is made in the same way as you pay with your plastic credit card, that is, by placing the phone next to the card reader in any store. The card is protected with Face ID, Touch ID, or phone passcode depending on what is supported in your phone, allowing you to keep your confidential payment information secure.

You can also use Apple Pay for in-app purchases: you can book a hotel room, buy clothes, order a pizza, and many other services found in some international stores and services that offer the Apple Pay payment method. While Google Pay is still not available in many countries. So if you are looking for an easy and clean shopping process, you will only find an iPhone that is capable of it – or at least say it is more widespread even if it is not available in many Arab countries.

Family Sharing 

IPhone is an ideal phone for children especially if the whole family uses Apple devices and phones. Very easily parents can monitor and track what their children do with their phones so that the feature Family Sharing allows up to 6 family members share a joint procurement processes for applications, movies and music, share photo albums, calendars and reminders. There is no risk to children if they download inappropriate or age-appropriate apps or paid apps, as family participation allows their parents ' initial approval of those apps. And when children start going to school, parents can track their route through the Find My feature.

 iPhone phones are able to keep their value longer period of time

For some unknown reason, iPhones maintain twice as much value as Android phones, and according to Bankmycell's annual report, Android phones have been found to lose twice as much value as iPhones in a year. This means that you always have a good chance of selling your phone at a high price without losing a large amount of money when you plan to buy the latest model of the iPhone. The reason for this is not because Apple is a famous brand and has an astronomical market value ! But also because of the quality of the material made of the phone components, in addition to the fact that iPhone phones get up to 5 years of Apple support, i.e. the hardware of the phone can run 5 new versions of iOS.