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Important tips to avoid damage to iPhone chargers quickly

Important tips to avoid damage to iPhone chargers quickly

In this new month and with its first week, we have another and new package of Android and iPhone applications that are worth downloading, and as usual it is the basis in filtering applications and providing the best, we care about free applications that return to the masses of users benefit and benefit,We also point out that the applications are not subject to a certain ranking, however, as with the best Android and iPhone applications of the past week, the applications for this new week came as follows.

But the question always arises: "Why launch expensive iPhones but with shabby Chargers ?". This question is widespread among iPhone users in general. But isn't there another face for the same question? Yes, it's possible to say, " Why do iPhone chargers damage so quickly ?

". What made me talk with you in this regard that the hands charger for iPhone burnt before my eyes yesterday, in fact it was an accident, once plugged in the socket wall, which is not the shipper first for me.

If you are using phones Apple for several years, surely you've been through this problem before, not even once. So, we are here today to explain what really causes the iPhone charger to be damaged and out of action even if it is an original charger, and then focus more on how to maintain it to avoid this due to its high price.

What causes the charger to damage ?

Problems that cut and worn cables and wires from the inside: whether you own the original iPhone charger, or have a charger of another brand but Apple certified, you can end up with the same kind of problems. Often, the problem is caused by the cables themselves, as a result of their wear and tear from the inside and their connections moving away from each other. Sometimes it is easy to determine the problem if it turns out that this piece outdoor in front of our eyes, and close the communication port. These cuts occur as a result of constant tension, traction, and twisting of the cable due to improper use.

How to keep the iPhone charger from damage ?

  • Choosing an Apple charger :
is the right first step to buying a charger that can last for years to come. Certified charger components are of high quality and are estimated to be manufactured with long virtual lifetimes. If you find yourself having to buy a cheap charger, you also have to change it every now and then without realizing that the real reason for its damage is the poor quality of its raw materials. It is itself destined to die quickly by its makers, and for this it is sold cheaply.
  • Do not try to pull the charger out of the cable: 
what is most damaged in Apple chargers are the cables themselves and not the main charger case. When removing the charger from the phone, it is best to try to hold the charging port tightly and then pull it gently and correctly so that strong pressure does not damage the port or grab the metal terminals responsible for passing the power supply – in the worst case, forcefully removing the metal chip can damage the port itself
  • Learn how to fold cables correctly:
 the best way to keep cable wires from getting worn out when traveling with the charger or when left in the laptop bag is the twisting and folding method of the cable itself, which should resemble the twisting method of Automobile paths and paths. This method is correct and scientifically proven that it is able to protect cables and wires from the inside. This is the same reason why factories rely on the same method when charging and selling all electronic cables, but if you want the best safe way to maintain the charger cables, it is the circular method shown in the previous image, it is a safe method and does not cause the wires to wear out from the inside.

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