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New apps for your Android and iPhone 2021


New apps for your Android and iPhone 

In this new month and with its first week, we have another and new package of Android and iPhone applications that are worth downloading, and as usual it is the basis in filtering applications and providing the best, we care about free applications that return to the masses of users benefit and benefit, as we point out to you that applications are not subject ...We also point out that the applications are not subject to a certain ranking, however, as with the best Android and iPhone applications of the past The week, the requests for this new week came as follows.


The first application which is free has been developed in cooperation with many international research institutions, so that helps you to know the origin of the sounds of animals, specifically birds, and all you need to hold the phone and record the sound of the bird, after the completion and appearance of the planned interface of the sound, press the option "analysis" Data is sent to enterprise servers right up to the jumper display and its name, and by the way, the app is available for free download either on Android or iPhone.

Flora Incognita

This application offers a similar concept to the previous application but for plants, and since the latter is completely silent, you take pictures of flowers and leaves and the application tells you all their information, again, with the application you will find a lot of additional information about the types of flowers and when they bloom with the function of sharing information Or write them down as notes for later viewing, and the app will be available for free download.


The next application, which is only available for the iPhone and iPad campaign, where it allows users to bookmark applications in the App Store to be returned to them quickly and easily, also comes with the option to create a folder and organize applications in it, so the need for the application abounds when you encounter a paid application and want too...

Life Hack Tips

The application is not new but its importance we put it here, where it can be defined as a repository that includes a lot of life tips in different categories such as technical tricks, health, money, gardening and much more, so you can learn with him a lot of tricks that make your life easier, and our view the application is very useful And the download is worth noting, that not everything that the application provides is free, since to unlock all the tricks you need to buy the full version and for once.


Also, this app is available for iPhone campaign only, if you have an incentive to recycle plastic and glass bottles or aluminum cans, use the app to scan their UPC code, in this case the app will add a sum of money you have, and when it is collected for more than  5$ you can claim money using Venmo or Paypal .


As the name of the app suggests, it is a tool to shorten URLs, and at the same time it serves as a bookmark box in which you save your own links or share them with one of them, and in this way, the app also gives you some statistics about the URLs you store there, For example, the number of link logins and more, for its part, this application is available for free download only on Android .

Digitizer Pen and Paper

Another and new app which is also available for Android campaign, it can be defined as a note-taking app with smart pen support and, according to the app developers, it has been developed to close or solve three gaps we live with handwritten note-taking apps, Which is the number of steps needed to change the font and color, the lack of ergonomics related to scanning when touching the screen, as well as the lack of clarity of the tool and the font and color used, as for the tools, they are many and let to discover them yourself, and fortunately the application is available for free download.


The last application in this group, however, you will learn English than 200,000 film, television programme, therefore, we can say that with this new app, you're out of time save the words from textbooks, so with it you can learn English words from movies and TV shows that you see according to the level of your knowledge of the game، And most importantly, you can learn this language apart from your native language, and finally, the app is available on Android and iPhone, to download the free limited, to open more either you practice some games or watch ads, or simply buy the full version.