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Learn about the most important features and features in the FL Studio 20.1 update

Learn about the most important features and features in the FL Studio 20.1 update

  • Important features and features in the FL Studio 20.1 update:

FL Studio, One of the most popular music production programs of the last two decades, adds many new features at the request of loyal users, the new update FL Studio 20.1.1 includes various options for the workflow method, live clip recording and many more, as well as the return of the stepsequencer Loops feature that has disappeared for some time .

  • Top features of FL Studio 20.1 update:

Playlist Track mode: project implementation is now easier as Channel machines, Playlist Track and Mixer track can be grouped, moreover; instruments or effects, as well as audio files, can be placed in the playlist header for easy access, names, colors and icons of members can also be modified.

1. Reset unused playlist path: any unused playlist path can now be reset to the default settings including Color, Icon and name, and the way to do this is through tools then macros and then the last empty playlist paths.

2. Enhanced audio recording: playlist tracks can now be linked to Mixer tracks and their inputs which means that the audio will be recorded to the preset playlist track, any additional recordings are added as sub-tracks, and Mixer track inputs also show status through an orange Fader.

3. Pre / post recording effects: FX pre / post recording can now be accessed through the INPUT menu icon.

4. Stepsequencer Channel Looping: in the new FL Studio 20.1 update the looping feature of FL Studio 11 returns with new advanced options, which now allow re-recording control for each style and each channel, as well as loop length for multi-tempo styles this feature will help to form differences in the states of channels that are the same style but at shorter lengths.

5. Stepsequencer: the number of previous steps that were 64 is now increased to the maximum of 512 steps.

6. Swing Mix: allows users to set control values simultaneously for one specific channel or channels for any value, and the way to perform this action is by selecting a desired channel and going to the Channel rack menu and then setting swing mix for selected Esc.

7. Plugin window: got a number of small tweaks including adding plugins for machines and effects to switch to The Wrap settings, as well as adding the mix level instead of the volume knob in the wrap settings if the effects are used.

8. Sampler channels and audio clips: if the send Mode to the algorithm in real-time, either Resample or Stretch, the time knob be automated.

9. General settings: even the general settings in FL Studio 20.1 got an upgrade as there is now a “check for updates”option.


10. Export to mono audio channels: it is used to export mono audio files.

11. CPU board and memory board: option to see the frame rate of FL Studio GUI graphics through “view FPS”.

12. Project information: expanded and more detailed statistics about projects can now be found at the bottom of the panel.

13. Minimum Kick: minimum Kick can be set up to 55 by browser>packs>drums>kicks > minimum Kick from 01 to 55

14. ZGameEditor Visualizer: is a visualization effect tool based on ZGameEditor, which helps create visual elements for components with movie extraction (render) capabilities.

15. Akai FL Studio FIRE: by adding it to stepsequencer Loops, it provides some improvements such as setting channel loop length and burning to pattern.

For More Info check this video below: