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What makes me hate Android

Certainly like any other operating system, it has several flaws that sometimes make you so angry that you may decide to go directly to the other team. And these are the worst flaws from my personal Android point of view…

A cross between high quality and bad at once

Since Google is a partner of many other brands, it will be difficult for them to monitor the quality component of all phones that annually come out of partners. The only thing that's great about iOS phones is that you know how much hardware and hardware quality the iPhone embraces, and often it's of the highest quality. As for Android, you may have to look and examine very carefully behind each phone to make sure it actually has a powerful hardware that can last for years to come without making you have to replace the phone.

The problem is that most Android phone manufacturers are Chinese companies trying to gain consumer confidence in the larger quantity and the competing price, so they bring you a super camera, large storage capacity and high RAM, but all this comes at the expense of quality and durability. You will not know what the quality of the RAM or the speed of the internal memory and you will not know how good the camera is until you use it on the ground.

If you want a truly powerful Android phone capable of giving for years to come, you'll have to buy an expensive top-tier phone, which makes you exactly in the same category as iPhone buyers, and then you might ask yourself: "Why don't I buy an iPhone directly?.

You can't run away from Google

Google is similar to squid or dinosaur. An Android phone means in brackets a Google account, without which you can not make the most of the operating system and its powerful advantages. If you want to sync your data or download an app from the store, you must have a Google account. Yes, in iOS you will need an Apple ID to authenticate activities on your phone. The problem is not in the system or the way it works, the problem is that some users wish to work on their phones without finding themselves obliged to resort to Google as a result of its bad reputation when it comes to matters of privacy, which is completely different from what you find with the iPhone.

Lack of continuity of phone support with updates

You will find that Apple supports its decade-old phones with the latest version of iOS and at least 4 to 5 years of periodic security updates. As for Android, the deal says that you will be happy with one or two updates at most after you buy the phone, in case you were lucky with a top or middle class phone, but if you are an economical phone owner, you may discover that your current version is the first and last version of Android that you will have Your current is the first and last Android version you will have by the manufacturer of your phone.

The other problem is that some phones don't even receive security updates necessary to address the serious challenges emerging. Most companies try to send these updates to their phone users, but there are common cases when updates don't arrive periodically for many Android users, which is actually a common problem with the system.

All apps are cluttered with ads

US delivery from the pop-up ads on Android system, in every place ads, pop-up ads on the lock screen populates the screen, and delivered only after your purchase to comment. Some cheap phones may even display ads in the Notification Center area. As for iOS apps they have fewer ads, but play on the pay-for-use factor. As for Android apps, they are free yes, but will not be spared from their miserable ads.

Bloatware virtual applications

Virtual apps are a common problem on Android that you have to live with in any way. You can't get rid of them even though I didn't need or were consumed space of your phone memory...

Advantages and disadvantages of the Android system

In the end we can not deny that Android is a great operating system supported by millions of useful applications and fun games, but that does not mean that it is a perfect and error-free system, but it is so full of innovations and so flexible that it has a high portability to fix any problems it has in the future. You will always find an Android phone suitable for your uses and budget, starting from أمريكي 100 USD to  1000 USD or more, and for this, you have no excuse to choose a bad Android phone.