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Test your eye health and safety with these great apps

Because our eyes are often exposed to bright lights and digital screen beams for hours every day, it is expected that our eyes will begin to face many problems, including fatigue, fatigue of the nerves and muscles of the eyes, and even chronic dehydration and poor eyesight.

Today we bring you a valuable collection of apps that help you test the health and safety of your eyes and learn the power of your eyes. They give a background on whether you need to wear glasses. Better yet, these apps also test the glasses and give you accurate results on whether you need to replace them. Unfortunately the only downside of these applications is that they do not support Arabic, but without that, they are wonderful and accurate applications,and together we will explain how they work very easily, so come on.

Eye Vision Test

Eye Vision Test is a free Android app whose idea is very simple and clear. All you have to do after installation is click "Start Test" to start the test. After that will give your application a set of circles with numbers, you should click on the correct number of between three options.

The app tests you in a different set of numbers like sight tests when ophthalmologists completely. Whenever you recognize the number, you click on the right option parallel to the same number. For example, in the previous image you will find inside the large circle in green number 12 highlighted in red, so you will choose Number 12 from the three options.

Complete the test for the end and you will get your result at the end of the test. Although it is a very simple and uncomplicated application, but it is accurate in demonstrating how strong your eyesight is. But we will not rely on it to know whether you will need glasses or not. We have other apps that are more precise about this.

Eye exam

Eye Exam app is a cool and free Android app but it's the paid version too. The free version is very adequate and excellent. Once the app is installed, click Start Eye Exam. It will give you the freedom to choose which test you prefer to take, Do you want a test on letters, symbols, images or the famous C code in eye tests at doctors and hospitals.

For example, we'll choose the characters "Letterts" will ask about the distance between you and your phone to zoom, leave it to 40 cm, which is physical distance between you and the phone when I carry it in your hands of course. Then click Continue to continue. You are asked to place the palm of your hand on the right eye in order to test each eye individually.

After that will give you a character in the middle of the screen and a time limit of 10 thong to the war, once the war click Continue and choose the correct letter that I saw among the four options. Complete the test for the end until you are asked to obscure the other eye to test your second eye. In the end you will get the result of testing your right and left eye, which is a great way to know if your eyesight is strong or not. The following application is the most accurate.

Visual Acuity Test

The third app which is Visual Acuity Test which is the most professional and accurate to test the strength of sight. Click on the first option Visual Acuity and it allows you to test the type of test you want too: do you want to test on numbers, letters, images, symbols and C code. Then ask you to book one of your eyes, and then click Ready.

It will show you an icon for several moments and then it will ask you what icon you saw among the options. After that, you will be asked to replace the other eye to also test it. Keep choosing the symbols and shapes it shows you until you're done – and note that it's a highly intelligent Test since it can give you symbols that aren't in the options and that's in order to test the strength of your eyes very accurately. After you're done testing both eyes, he'll give you the results.

The following test is to choose who wear prescription glasses, you will be shown two images horizontally, if you see a blurring of any image, whether the red or green, should choose the option Blurry on Red or Blurry On Green that means you need a new theory.. If the images and symbols that appear to you inside the shapes are natural and clear, then your current glasses are good.

The second Test is for screening test astigmatism to work, it will offer you images and asks you about whether these images look sharp or blurry, you should choose the answer that you see exactly, it will also give you the answer at the end.