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The most important features of the new WhatsApp 2020

The most important features of the new WhatsApp 2020

  • The most important features :

When we talk about Whatsapp whatsapp, you will probably know about any application I speak it is the most famous application ever among the applications of instant messaging in smartphones in the world has achieved a rapid spread in recent years where it occupied the forefront to reach the number of users of WhatsApp to a billion users so far it is a free application that requires

Despite this proliferation massive development of WhatsApp often you are of App Users Only, You may overlook a lot of advantage. in this blog I will give you the most important trick and secrets of WhatsApp that make it worth this library...

  • Running WhatsApp on your personal computer

 WhatsApp company offers its users an additional advantage is Whatsapp Web, a service that will provide the possibility of using WhatsApp from the computer to enable those who communicate for long hours to write more quickly and also talk and to activate this service


1.Download WhatsApp Web App from official whatsapp web Site

2.Choose the right version for your computer

3.Or use Watts web directly from here

4.After opening the application will appear code go to the phone and open the WhatsApp application

5.Click on the top three dots menu and choose Whatsapp Web

6.The phone camera will open point the phone camera in front of the computer to scan the code

Now you'll see your conversations appear before you on the computer so you can communicate with your friends faster.

  • Keep important messages:

Save alwats August feature retention of important messages Starred messages to put them favorite to reach them faster Let us presume that someone and all you a task and you must work and want to return to them easily without bothering to browse all messages sent all you have to follow the following :

1.Long press the message to be kept

2.Tap the star icon at the top of the screen

3.To see all important messages click on the list of three dots and then choose the messages marked with a star .

  • Hide reading messages and watch status

With my right sign in blue, you make sure the other end of your messages are read, but what if you want to read the messages Incognito, all you have to do is follow. :

Settings> Account > Privacy > message reading indicators

So my right signal won't turn gray to blue so you can read whatever messages you want without the sender knowing.

By implementing the above you can see cases of WhatsApp without the knowledge of the owners as well

In contrast, the application of this water, you can't know if you read your messages or not, in addition to the inability to know who watched your case.

  • Changed font shape and size in WhatsApp

You can change the handwriting in fact three forms italics, bold, strikethrough line all you have to do is select or shading offices will continue to provide you the option of coastline to choose from

You can download the application to Style it to change the words of messages to many forms, not Lines patterned after downloading the application, shading offices, and then choose to Style it opens a window application to change the font type

WhatsApp offers the feature of changing the font size in three small sizes.- Medium, large and to change font size

(Settings >Chats>font size)

  • Increase phone memory storage space

WhatsApp takes up a lot of space from the phone because of the exchange of files that are automatically downloaded from photos and Videos not only that your internet package may be about to end and you do not want to upload videos and photos at a certain time so close the option to view media in your phone gallery to prevent the automatic)

If you do not want to stop receiving messages from all conversations and stop them for a particular conversation or group, you can do so by opening the Conversation > View contact >view media.

  • Send a group message

Lets you WhatsApp feature Broadcast that gives you the chance to send a group message without having to work a total or sent for each single person go three points of the top of the screen and then the message new group or Broadcast, and then select the people to direct message them to broadcast that message to each person individually.

  • Hide your appearance on WhatsApp

You may sometimes need this feature for a variety of reasons, including avoiding inconvenience from others and giving you WhatsApp multiple options about this feature to control who can watch your last appearance on WhatsApp, which is

All: through which all the people who own your number can see your last appearance

My Contacts: Only those whose numbers are registered in your phone will know your last appearance on the app

No one: no one will watch the last appearance on WhatsApP

(Settings >Account >Privacy>last seen) and then select what you want from the above options.

  • Change your phone number in WhatsApp

May need to change your number with another number, so I didn't overlook the company WhatsApp from this point to give you a chance to switch your number without losing chats and personal before to stop using your number. you move your account to the new number

Open WhatsApp >Settings > Account > Change Number > enter your old phone number first box then new in second box > click Next to transfer your conversations with ease .

  • Hide chat and archive WhatsApp

You may need to hide a specific conversation for someone and don't want to delete it completely to return to it later and so that it does not appear within the app interface will be saved in the WhatsApp archive

1.Select the conversation by pressing and holding it

2.Click on the Archive icon at the top of the screen to the right of the Audio icon to be archived

To access archived messages, drag the screen down and tap archived to be taken to all your conversations in the archive .

  • Send button in WhatsApp

When writing a message doesn't show you the Submit button at the bottom and go up to send and simple

Go to (Settings >Chats > Enter key to send.