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5 features that make Android the best and one that makes it the worst !

Undoubtedly, Android is the most popular and used operating system at the moment. It has been very different since we first saw it in 2008. Despite being the only one in this board, and all companies and users to move him, but he's actually a great system and it is difficult to be replaced or preference to any other system you have. It has proved to the world that it is a sophisticated and sophisticated system capable of operating and managing the most powerful smartphones and optimally utilizing their modern technologies.

But like any other operating system, it is not perfect, as any operating system has a set of features that strive to do, but he also has some disadvantages that despair of them we encounter. In this topic we will discuss with you the advantages that have made us lovers of Android, and also explain the reasons why we give up on it in some cases.

The ability to download apps from outside the Google Play Store

What to do if you need any application heavily, although you don't find it on the App Store for?- Very easily you can find it on external app stores, and you will be able to install it after allowing from your phone settings to install apps from outside the Google Play Store. In fact, having an Android phone means that you are not limited to a virtual App Store, you can download" literally " any app from outside the Google Play Store.

There are many alternative and secure app stores, example is APKPURE store, APKMirror and many others. You can download them as you like and you will be able to install the app on any Android phone you own. So, we see a fantastic feature in Android to move them Apple with IOS since you are not allowed to install any application from unknown source.

Many options of technical specifications and modern technical innovations

Android phones have a variety of features and specifications, you can choose the phone according to the processor, RAM size, internal storage space, battery capacity or the possibility of installing an external storage card, various sizes, shapes and features. You can buy a phone with a curved screen if you prefer, you can buy a folding phone if you wish, you will find a fingerprint scanner in the screen in some phones and on the edges in others, professional pop-up cameras for personal selfies. You will certainly find no better variety than this.

The advantage of increasing storage space

Storage space will not constitute an obstacle for you if you decide to buy an Android phone. All Android phones except Galaxy S21 support scalability with supported SD card. This way you can store your entire digital life of high-quality videos, photos, and heavy apps on your SD Card without the slightest problem. Here's how to convert your SD Card into internal memory to install your apps on it.


The widget itself a great tools a custom thumbnail for those applications and information you need to know on the spot, such as calendar, reminders, weather forecasts, news headlines and much more. While some offer quick information access, others offer more comfortable controls such as user-specific media applications.
Sure enough, iPhones are now able to support widget features, but they are not as capable as Android widgets, as Android allows you to access important information with minimal effort and fewer clicks on the phone screen.

Many options available

There is always an Android phone that meets your aspirations and suits your uses from all Google partner manufacturers. You can choose the brand you are most inclined to: Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and many others, and you will certainly find a new phone they have that is suitable for your budget.

You can choose by Screen Size, by storage capacity, battery power, camera characteristics, and many other ratings in line with your aspirations. Always the consumer likes to be chosen and not forced to make one choice, and that's what you already find with Android.