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MZ-Switch .. New fitness tracker
BrightEdit 24 March 2021
  MyZone has announced a fitness tracker for your chest, arm and wrist MZ-Switch, the company says: it is the first device in the world that...
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Apple is working with TSMC to manufacture micro OLED displays for upcoming AR glasses
BrightEdit 24 March 2021
 Apple has entered into a partnership agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.(TSMC) to develop ultra-advanced micro OLED displ...
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The whole truth behind smartphone screen refresh rates
BrightEdit 11 March 2021
  The high Refresh Rate feature of smartphone screens is not a novelty today or last year, but we saw it for the first time in the Razer Pho...
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5 new additions that will completely change the way you use facebook
BrightEdit 21 February 2021
About Google Chrome : Google Chrome browser is one of the internet browsers that are hardly devoid of modern computers and smart devices , a...
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